Wanderlust | Gift Ideas For Traveling Souls

Wanderlust | Gift Ideas For Traveling Souls

Wanderlust (

/ˈwändərˌləst/) the strong desire to travel.

travel quote nothing to lose and the world to see

People who enjoy travel are often looked upon as lost souls, but that's simply not true in most of the cases. Some of us are just born with the desire to explore!

If you know someone who loves to travel but never know what to buy them as a gift, Jen Downey offers the perfect solution: meaningful travel inspired jewelry.

Enjoy the journey inspirational travel quote

Enjoy The Journey

 Whether you're looking for a graduation gift for your niece or want to give your co-worker or 20 years a meaningful send off gift as she retires, this beautiful sentiment fits so many chapters in life. Made with a sterling silver compass charm and sterling silver cable chain necklace, this beautiful keepsake even works as an inspirational gift idea for your best friend.

Learn more about Enjoy The Journey here

Travel quote Paris is always a good idea

 Patron Saint Of Travel

Did you know that Saint Christopher is known as the Patron Saint of Travel? Jen Downey's sterling silver St. Christopher medallion necklace is the perfect keepsake for someone who travels often, is off to start a new journey, or even someone who drives frequently to help protect them as they go about their journey.

saint christopher patron saint of travel

There are two card backings to choose from for my Saint Christopher sterling silver jewelry. Each necklace is made with sterling silver materials and includes a care card on how to maintain the quality of your sterling silver jewelry.

Learn more about Jen Downey's Saint Christopher jewelry here

Road trip gift idea

Say Yes to New Adventures! 

I personally love this quote because it reminds me to take advantage of the experiences while you can. I'm a believer that fear is the root of so many of our problems. If you're so focused on what could go wrong then you're missing out on all the adventures life has to offer. Say yes, and figure it out later. What's the point of being here if you aren't going to take advantage of living?

say yes to new adventures figure it out later

Whether you're looking for the perfect inspirational gift idea for your daughter as she goes off to college or you want to send your best friend a meaningful gift idea to remind her to stop living in fear and start enjoying the opportunities placed in front of her, this gorgeous sterling silver hot air balloon necklace is the perfect keepsake to give!

Learn more about Say Yes To New Adventures here

I would be lost without you

 Travel Buddy Gift Idea

I'm writing this in early 2021, nearly a year after the entire world shut down from a global pandemic. I never thought that I'd be living through a chapter in history when not just my own country was impacted by something large enough to shut us down, but the entire world.

Travel didn't become non-existent throughout 2020, but flying definitely became a rare occurrence. Road trips became more common and exploring your own backyard was the new trip to Paris.

travel buddy quote

As I'm writing this the world is slowly starting to transition into a more normal state - or rather, our new normal - including travel. That's why it was so important for me to highlight my Wanderlust Collection.

For some of us, your idea of a travel buddy might be packing up your car with your best and road tripping across country to see the Grand Canyon. For others, your travel buddy might be the person you call when you've got an itch to hop on a plane to see the Pyramids, and for some your travel buddy might be the person you call when you have to drive 20 minutes out of town and just want someone to go with you.

Travel buddies look different for everyone, but no matter where your adventure takes you it's nice to know that you have that special friend in your life who is willing to go on those adventures with you.

Learn more about To My Travel Buddy here

Travel inspired gift ideas


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