New Meaningful Gift Ideas At Jen Downey | February 16th, 2021

New Meaningful Gift Ideas At Jen Downey | February 16th, 2021

Hi everyone -This week at Jen Downey I added quite the variety of meaningful gift ideas from a welcome to the family gift for your new bonus daughter in law to an inspirational gift idea for your goddaughter.

I've added a ton of new thoughtful gift ideas this week, so let's get started!

Inspirational Gift Idea For Goddaughter

meaningful gift for goddaughter

 A goddaughter and godparent share a special bond. To become a godparent is significant; it's not a title that you can just walk into or that you're just granted because your sibling gives birth. Godparents are chosen with love. When a godparent accepts their title it is important that there is an understanding that the relationship doesn't just end or fade away when the child turns 18 or if someone moves away. It's a lifelong commitment.

inspirational quote for goddaughter

So it doesn't need to be a birthday or holiday to send your goddaughter a meaningful gift idea. You can send her this beautiful and inspiration sterling silver hot air balloon necklace just to let her know that you are thinking of her - remind her just how special she truly is.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

not all who wander are lost

I think the reason that I connect with this necklace so much is because I've always ben a wanderer, but I don't think I've really felt lost. Well, of course there were times in my life when I lacked direction but for the  most part I just love to wander - to explore, to experience, to discover!

Whether you're looking for a graduation gift or the perfect birthday gift for your traveling bestie who refuses to settle down, this beautiful sterling silver airplane necklace makes a great keepsake.

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I Carry a Little Piece of Heaven Within Me

Feathers appear when a loved one is near... That's one of my personal favorite sympathy quotes because a feather is a sign from Heaven that my grandpa is still hanging around. We had a complicated relationship in the years right before he died, so to have that little sign from him is a little extra comforting than it would be from another loved one who has passed.

carry you with me sympathy quote gift idea

Whether you're like me and a feather is a sign for a specific loved one who has passed on or you're looking for a sympathy gift idea to send to a friend who is struggling with their own loss, this beautiful sterling silver feather necklace makes a wonderful sentiment to carry as a reminder that our loved ones are never really that far away. 

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 Welcome To Our Family Daughter In Law Gift

welcome to the family daughter gift

Elegant and meaningful - this beautiful necklace and earring set is the perfect way to let your new bonus daughter just how welcomed and adored she truly is. Created with all sterling silver metals and fresh water pearls, this meaningful gift for your daughter in law could be given as wedding jewelry for her special day or shortly after their wedding as a reminder just how happy you truly are to have a new daughter in your family.

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