Never Be Afraid To Suck At Something New

Never Be Afraid To Suck At Something New

Never Be Afraid To Suck At Something New.

I love this quote. I think we we grow older we lose a significant amount of confidence in trying new things. Think about the last time you tried something new. How terrifying was it? Did you actually go through with it? Was everyone laughing at you?

I know that for me personally I am comfortable in my own little bubble - but how far does that really get you in life? I'd like to say that this is some 'new year, new me' resolution type of blog but the truth is this has been a journey I have been on for quite some time.

Every couple of months (or years) I stop and think, 'holy crap how did all this time pass and I'm still where I was X months ago?!' Do you feel that way? Like time is passing you by and you're just living the same day over and over again? I do...and quite honestly, it's gotten a little boring.

Like most, I spend hours mindlessly searching Pinterest and pinning things I'm (probably) never going to look at again. I'm also addicted to Instagram where I watch cookie decorating cookies (if you know me you'd understand how hilarious the thought of me baking is) and calligraphy practice videos.

A few weeks ago I printed out a ton of practice calligraphy pages and was determined to actually start improving my handwriting and learning a new skill. Those pages sat for weeks, moved around from place to place because I was definitely going to start them each night, until a few days ago when I finally decided it was time. So I sat down at the kitchen table with my printed pages, a calligraphy set, and the mindset that I was about to become an Instagram star with my epic new hobby of pretty writing.

That lasted all of about 2 minutes.  I had been watching so many videos on calligraphy, which all used markers, that when I opened the calligraphy set I was completely overwhelmed by the fact that it was a fountain pen set.

So those papers went back into a pile that continue to be moved around and the pens sit untouched inside their protective tin. I was (am) still determined to start something

I was listening to music and editing photos (time for an obligatory name drop to check out my jewelry line by clicking here) and I just had this moment where I had enough. I love what I do, even the tedious bookwork that gets done behind the scenes, but I need something creative besides my work or depression is sure to creep in.

I hadn't painted since I think high school.  Which, by the way, even in art class I was lucky if I got a C on any of my projects. I used to bring my work home so my mom could fix it for me...and I don't think I ever received above a B- (which FYI above a C grade was like the holy grail for me).

I share that because painting is something I have never found interest in - because I wasn't very good at it. I am definitely a creative person...but artistic and creative are entirely different.

So I took out the paints, remembered what Bob Ross taught me (there are no mistakes, folks!), and had at it. To my surprise, it took me less than 30 minutes to paint both photos you'll see below.

I probably should have looked up how to paint a tree (which I did do afterwards) or which brush style you're supposed to use for which technique, but I just went in blind...and I'm rather impressed with myself despite what anyone on the internet might think.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because I want you to know that it's an awesome journey to suck at something new. I can honestly say that I am excited to learn how to improve my tree painting skills. You see that awkwardly dark blue into yellow sky? That was supposed to be the Northern Lights, HA! And you know what? I love it!

So, tell me...what is something that you've recently started? 

Until next time-


never be afraid to suck at something new my journey to learn to paint

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